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StatBank Denmark

The StatBank is our free online tool and database for our statistics.

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Statbank API

Using Statistics Denmark’s API for Statbank Denmark, you can access all published data in Statbank Denmark programmatically. As a user, you can use Statistics Denmark’s open data directly in various own applications. You can access Statbank Denmark data either via a user interface or via an API. You can make free use of data in the development of various services, e.g. the development of smartphone apps. gives you an overview of the open data that Statistics Denmark makes available from all areas for which we produce statistics. Data can be downloaded in table format, graphics, maps, a number of data formats or as bulk downloads – depending on whether you use the user interface or the API entry point. In Statbank Denmark, you always get the most recently updated data. You can use all statistical data at and the web page free of charge for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes, as long as you include a source reference. This corresponds to the licence named Creative Commons, CC 4.0 BY.

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PxWin and PC-AXIS

PxWin is a program for the handling of figures and presentation of statistical tables (PxWin replaces PC-Axis). The program can handle high volumes of statistical data. The program allows you to make calculations and to edit and display the result in tables, which can be exported to other programs, e.g. Excel, or be saved in various other output formats.

You can download data extractions from Statbank Denmark in PX format and easily continue to process them. You can import your own data to PxWin using the PxMake or PxEdit programs. An ancillary map module is available, PxMap, which allows you to display geographical table data in maps based on municipality or region codes.

PxWin and PC-Axis were developed by Statistics Sweden with contributions from a number of other offices of national statistics, including Statistics Denmark and Statistics Norway.


If you have enquiries about the PX products, please contact Lars Knudsen, 3917 3318, However, Statistics Denmark provides no support services for the free products.


The manual is only available in Danish, see:


PC-AXIS program (zip) (old version of PxWin)

Vejledning til PC-AXIS (pdf) (guide in danish)

Vejledning til PX-MAP (pdf) (guide in danish)

If you need maps at a more detailed level, please contact Consulting




PxEdit can, for example, be used to create Px files from various data sources, edit files manually, maintain and enrich metadata, validate Px files, combine data and run database reports. PxEdit is suitable for processing large files.

Using the program requires basic knowledge of the PcAxis file format. Instructions are found in the installation package of the program.


PX-Make 2000 

This software product is depricated. PX-Edit is recommended as a replacement.

PX-MAKE is developed by Statistics Denmark Statistics Denmark also has the Copyright on PX-MAKE.

PX-MAKE can be used free of charge by anyone.

Statistics Denmark will be happy to advise in the use of PX-MAKE and courses can be conducted.

Statistics Denmark takes no responsibility for any inconveniences, which may occur due to the use of PX-MAKE.


   The file '' is a standard zip-file.
   Extract into a temporary directory.  
   Then you run the setup.exe found on that directory.
   By doing this you install PX-MAKE 2000 on your pc.
   After setup you can delete the temporary directory

PxMake 1.8.40 Install

PX-Make 2000 user's guide


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