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Communication and Sales: Director Carsten Ulrik Zangenberg

Carsten Zangenberg

Photograph by Martin Sylvest

Carsten Ulrik Zangenberg, Director of Communication and Sales

Tel. job: + 45 39 17 39 41
Tel. mobile: + 45 28 35 30 51


10 September 1964


Master of Science in Administration from Roskilde University, 1993
Completed natural and social sciences basic studies, 1989


2015 - Director, Communication and Sales, Statistics Denmark
2011 - 2015 Head of Communication, Statistics Denmark
2010 - 2011 Head of Statistics Denmark’s Customer Centre with coordinating responsibility for development of user charges, Statistics Denmark
2008 - 2009 Acting Director for Sales and Marketing and Head of Customer Centre, Statistics Denmark
1999 - 2007          Head of Division, Labour Market and Earnings Statistics, Statistics Denmark
1999 - Senior Advisor, responsible for development of general statistics, Statistics Denmark
1997 - 1998 Head of Section, Population and Education Statistics, Statistics Denmark
1995 - 1997 Research project job on educational and business careers, Carlsberg Foundation
1993 - 1995 Head of Section, General Business Statistics, Statistics Denmark
1989 - 1993 IT employee, Danish Ministry of Education


2015 -  Directors of Methodology and IT Directors Group
2015 -   Steering Group for Directors of Methodology and IT Directors Group


Bettina Steen Brix