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Earnings via IDEP

New reporting solution for Earnings

All companies who report via a file from their payroll system or an Excel spreadsheet will need to upload their declaration via IDEP.

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Access to upload of data is protected by privileges

To report to Earnings via IDEP, you must log in with a NemID employee signature. The person who is authorized to report for the company must be assigned a privilege to report to Earnings (Lønstatistik). Only persons who have the privilege will be able to access the statistic in IDEP. It is only possible to see the files which you yourself have uploaded and not the files which a colleague has uploaded.

Third-party reporting via IDEP

If you are reporting on behalf of other companies (3rd party declaration), you will also need to be assigned privileges to report to Earnings (Lønstatistik) via by the company where you are employed. Note: Only the person who uploads the data will have accress to this data.

For more information about granting/receiving privileges, see the following guides:

Request privilege to report to Earnings (Lønstatistik) - (PDF in Danish).
Assign privilege to report to Earnings (Lønstatistik) - (PDF in Danish).

If you have questions about:

Virk privileges, please contact Virk support: (+45) 72 20 00 30

Reporting via IDEP: Contact IDEP support.

Reporting to Earnings: Contact the statistical office

Business Data Collection and Registers

Contact us via our support form. We will reply by e-mail or phone.

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