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Easy reporting to Intrastat, VIES, International Trade in Services and ProdCom

IDEP is an online program which can be used to submit declarations to Intrastat, International Trade in Services, Prodcom, VIES and Earnings.

IDEP is partly financed by development funds from Eurostat.

IDEP features:
  • Nothing to install - the newest version is always available
  • Import data files from your economy system
  • Can be accessed by several users
  • Secure access via digital employee signature
  • No risk of data loss - your data is stored online.

If you already have MitID Erhverv, you can start reporting to Intrastat today:

Start IDEP

Read more about MitID Erhverv.

IDEP support

If you need help with IDEP, you are welcome to contact us: IDEP support.