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MitID Support

MitID Erhverv and reporting to Statistics Denmark


About MitID Erhverv

By the summer of 2023, all organizations (companies, associations and authorities) that currently use NemID Employee Signature must transition to MitID Erhverv – or re-register.

Read more about MitID Erhverv.

MitID Erhverv and special user privileges

When reporting to a number of specific statistics, you are required to have MitID Erhverv with special privileges for those statistics. This applies, for example, to reporting to Lønstatistikken (Earnings), Fravær (Absence from work) and a number of statistics about social services. You can find instructions for requesting and granting special privileges here:

For MitID rights administrators: Grant rights (PDF).
For employees who need special rights: Request rights (PDF).

MitID Erhverv for employees located outside of Denmark

It is possible for employees without a CPR number to obtain MitID Erhverv. Follow the instructions from Danish Agency for Digital Government.

It is also possible to set up MitID Erhverv by using a notifier, who can prepare the connection and ensure documentation of foreign owners without MitID. A notifier could, for instance, be an accountant with a Danish CPR number and MitID or an ordinary employee with a CPR number and MitID. Read more about how to prepare the connection.

Guidance and support to MitID Erhverv

If you have questions about MitID Erhverv or if you experience errors, you can find instruction at the Danish Agency for Digital Government - or contact MitID Erhverv-support by phone: +45 33 98 00 20.

Read more at the Danish Agency for Digital Government.