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Latest releases

Energy Accounts 2014
11 February 2016
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Care for adults with handicaps September 2015
11 February 2016
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Consumer price index and net retail price index January 2016
10 February 2016
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Scheduled releases

Postponement of ”Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik” (News from Statistics Denmark)

Statistics Denmark is unfortunately forced to postpone the publication of "Purchases and sales by firms December 2015" from 10 February to 12 February at 9.00 a.m.

Statistical Yearbook 2015 - Statistics Denmark

Statistical Yearbook

Peel the onion of the Danish society through texts, graphs and tables. The Yearbook can be downloaded free of charge.
International Consulting - Statistics Denmark

International Consulting

Statistics Denmark provides technical assistance to sister agencies in other countries. See our current and previous projects abroad.