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Products & services

The extensive statistical material that we possess allows us to offer a range of solutions for individual customers for a fee. The solutions typically differ from our official statistics by being more detailed and contain other combinations of data than what has been published.


Surveys - iconWe perform surveys relevant for the society covering both individuals and companies.

Data for research and analysis

Research and analysis - iconWe give access to micro data to authorised research institutions, ie. data at the individual and company level.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor Made Solutions - Statistics DenmarkWhen the customer's needs cannot be met by StatBank Denmark or a predefined standardised solution.

Standardised solutions

A series of predefined statistics that are used to meet recurrent requests from customers:

Online data for sale


Statistics on Tourism

eXplorer - kortudsnit

The Embassy and Shipping Package

The Embassy and Shipping Package

Key Figures on Post Codes

Key Figures on Post Codes

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Getting assistance

DST Consulting
DST Consulting is the central access point to Statistics Denmark's paid services. Contact us by phone +45 39 17 35 44 or by e-mail:

Contact DST Consulting

Information Services
If you need advice on how to find data on Denmark or statistics from international organisations such as Eurostat and OECD. You are welcome to contact the Information Services:

Read more about Information Services

Research Services
Are you engaged in research or are you in the process of conducting a research project you can contact the Research Service:

Read more about Research Services

Interview Services
Telephone interviews, sample selection, and data collection are conducted by Statistics Denmark's Division for Interviewing. You are welcome to contact the division for interviewing:

Contact Interview Services

Consulting Abroad
Internationally, we provide consulting services to other statistical institutes. Further information about international consulting:

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Annual Danish Aggregate Model
"ADAM" is a macroeconometric model developed by the macroeconomic modelling unit of Statistics Denmark. The model gives a simplified mathematical description of the interactions in the danish economy.

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