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About us

Statistics Denmark is the central authority on Danish statistics. Our mission is to collect, compile and publish statistics on the Danish society.


Ikon - Organisation - Danmarks StatistikStatistics Denmark is a state institution under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior. We are divided into five sections and a number of offices.

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Strategy and quality

Icon - Strategy and quality - Statistics DenmarkOur mission is to provide impartial statistics on society as a basis for democracy and the economy.

Our objectives and tasks are described in detail in our strategy and in our annual statistics program and work plan:

Our strategy and quality

Contracts and evaluations

Every two years the public opinion of official statistics and knowledge of Statistics Denmark is evaluated in The Public Image Survey.

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Our History

Statistics Denmark was founded in 1850 as an extension of that representative government established by the Constitution of 1849.

Impartial statistics is a prerequisite for freedom of opinion, research and policy decisions taken on a reliable basis.

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Statistical Yearbook was first released in 1896 as the annual statistical profile of the Danish society and the Danes.

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Statistical Legislation

Statistics Denmark follows United Nations' Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics . United Nations' Statistical Commission adopted the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics on April 14th 1994.

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Code of Practice for EU statistics is designed to boost confidence in the European statistical system and to ensure that all producers of official statistics in the EU apply the best international statistical principles and methods.

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Internationalt cooperation

Statistics Denmark participates actively in the international statistical cooperation. Our active participation is based on the desire to enhance statistical comparability, development of common methods and an ambition of making an impact on improvement of framework conditions supporting the international statistical cooperation.

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