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Data for research

The Division of Research Services - Statistics Denmark 

Contact information

The Division of Research Services

You can contact the Division of Research Services weekdays between 9 am and 3 pm

Gain access to Statistics Denmarks’ registers – a unique possibility

Statistics Denmark's extensive collection of register data, with data collected from the 70s to the present, contains a very substantial research potential with almost infinite possibilities. To explore this potential in agreement with the data regulations, requests should be addressed to the Division of Research Services.

Only Danish research environments are granted authorisation. Foreign researchers can, however, get access to micro data through an affiliation to a Danish authorised environment. Access is given to anonymised micro data, i.e. data at an individual personal or corporate level. Access takes place through researcher’s own pc over the Internet.

Data from other sources can also be linked to data from Statistics Denmark, e.g. researcher’s own data collections or data from other administrative registers. Data from external sources requires approval from The Danish Data Protection Agency.

Read more about the rules and the organisational framework for researcher’s access to micro data.

Learn how to get acces to microdata in our step by step procedure description.

Step by step procedures for researchers access to microdata

To complement register data with additional information, Statistics Denmark can also offer customized surveys. Subsequently, the interview data can be linked to existing records. Read more about surveys here 


When the design of a particular survey is settled, we will send you a final price quote.

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