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This website belongs to Statistics Denmark. Statistics Denmark works independently of political interest, and we aim at presenting our figures in a neutral manner.

It is part of Statistics Denmark’s mission to make official statistics available free of charge to every user, and all citizens are welcome to use and reproduce data from dst.dk, StatBank Denmark and publications from Statistics Denmark intended for school tasks, research, media products, etc.

Copyright and source reference

Examples of correct source reference:


Source: Statistics Denmark -http://dst.dk/eng/Statistics/subjects/
consumer prices.aspx

StatBank Denmark.dk:

Source: Statistics Denmark – StatBank.dk/bef1" (the code following StatBank.dk/ indicates the specific table from which the figures are extracted.)


The contents from dst.dk and the database StatBank Denmark may freely be reproduced, provided that Statistics Denmark is cited as source. The source reference must, as far as possible, indicate/link to the place in question on dst.dk or the the database StatBank Denmark, where the figures can be viewed in their full context by the user.

You are welcome to reproduce our graphic figures or make your own graphic figures on the basis of our data. Statistics Denmark must also in this context be cited as source.

If you subject our data to further processing; this must be clearly stated. This can be done, e.g. by writing: ”Source” Own calculations based on data from Statistics Denmark."
If you are a journalist or editor, you can obtain further details about the usage of Statistics Denmark’s data in the media from Statistics Denmark’s media pages.

Please note that passing on data of the full contents from Statistics Denmark’s publications or newsletters must only take place for commercial purposes after having obtained written permission from Statistics Denmark.

The picture material on dst.dk is supplied by: Imageselect, Ingram Publishing, Bee-Line and Scanpix.

Videos are produced by employees at Statistics Denmark.


Statistics Denmark shall not be financially responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss incurred by the user, including lost profits by the user or for damage or loss incurred by any joint contractors of the user as a consequence of errors in the statistics or errors that have occurred in connection with processing of the statistics.

Statistics Denmark shows links to external sources as a service. The use of these links does not imply any recommendation or support of views put forward on the websites in question.

Statistics Denmark does not check the contents and availability of external websites, and we hereby disclaim any responsibility for these.



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