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Tables in StatBank


Table ID Updated
Supplementary table for accrued-to-date pension entitlements in social insurance
pension schemes and account | Unit: m DKK
PENSOC 11-12-2019
Accrued civil servant pension for active civil servants
sector, unit, sex and profession, ages groups | Unit: -
TJEN01 11-12-2019
Accrued civil servant pension for retired civil servant
sector, unit and sex | Unit: -
TJEN02 11-12-2019
Persons with pension contributions
region, unit, sex, age and kind of pension | Unit: -
PENINDB1 27-09-2019
Value of pension schemes (except special schemes for public servants)
kind of pension, company type, unit and family type | Unit: -
PENS6 12-07-2019