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Tables in StatBank

Crop production

Table ID Updated
The utilization of cereals
crop, period, origin and type | Unit: m kg
KORN 14-01-2020
Stock and turnover of cereals
crop and agent | Unit: m kg
KORN2 14-01-2020
region, crop and unit | Unit: -
HST77 26-11-2019
Forecast on winter crop products for harvest
crop and unit | Unit: 1,000 ha
HST5 25-11-2019
Production of fruit and vegetables
region, unit and crop | Unit: -
GARTN1 14-11-2019
Grass seed production
crop and unit | Unit: -
FRO 21-05-2019
Straw yield and use
region, crop, unit and use | Unit: -
HALM1 26-03-2019
region and structure | Unit: -
VHUS1 02-10-2018
The greenhouse sectors use
production, greenhousearea in square metre (sq.m.) and area and consumption | Unit: -
VHUS2 02-10-2018
crop | Unit: -
HST1920 10-05-2016