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Component 1.3: Business register

Component 1.3: Business Register

This Component is designed to support SSSU in reorganizing the unit in the statistical business register according to the NACE Rev. 2 classification. The main tasks include the following: draft procedures for re-coding economic activities regarding the units of business register, modelling of procedures for double coding of economic activities and drafting the methodology for compilation of population of active enterprises for statistical observations according to NACE Rev.2

During a study visit to Statistics Denmark the MS and BC experts will discuss both the fundamentals concerning the Danish business register as well as the management and coordination of different business statistics surveys. The use of administrative registers and current initiatives concerning minimization of respondent burden will be further demonstrated and discussed.

It is foreseen that a review of compiled list of the population of active enterprises for statistical surveys, including the new and old activity code will be used in all statistical surveys to be carried out by SSSU.

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