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Component 1.2: Classifications in national accounts

Component 1.2: Classifications in National Accounts

This Component seeks to compile the Ukraine¿s national accounts and then to harmonize them with NACE Rev.2. A joint team of EU and Ukrainian experts will work closely to introduce "Eurostat's Tabular Approach to Exhaustiveness" European Statistical Standard that could be achieved through recalculation of data and calculation of the time series and elaboration of methodological recommendations on the application of the Eurostat tabular approach to achieve the exhaustiveness of data.

An assessment of possibility of the national accounts to compile the production accounts and income generation by NACE Rev. 2 will be made. As a result, recommendations regarding the methods to making estimations for indicators of production account and income generation as well as the needed changes to the current situation will be elaborated.

A study visit to Statistics Denmark on national accounts including production accounts and income generation is scheduled.

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