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Mozambique 2002-2017

The project between Statistics Denmark, Statistics Norway and Statistics Sweden on one side and Instituto Nacional de Estatística of Mozambique (INE) ran from 2002 to the end of 2017.

Originally, the project was funded by the World Bank to support the newly formed national statistical institute (INE) with its first 5-year master plan, 1998-2002.

Long and short term advisors started helping INE to strengthen already existing systems and support the creation of new ones to build up an efficient system for the production of the statistical information required for planning, monitoring and evaluation of the country's development program.

During the period 2003-2007 an even more extensive project was created where Denmark, Norway and Sweden joined to directly finance both technical assistance and statistical activities. A consortium, Scanstat, was formed by Statistics Denmark (lead), Statistics Norway and Statistics Sweden provided technical assistance.

Since 2008, the financing of the project was made through the state budget by the government of Mozambique and a common fund, where UNFPA (lead), Norway and Sweden were signatories of the Memorandum of Understanding and contributing financially to the fund. Also Denmark, Canada, Italy, the World Bank, FAO and UNICEF were often participating as interested stakeholders in common meetings.

For the period 2013-2017, the contract between Scanstat and INE contained 111 months of long-term technical assistance, one in Institutional Development and one in Economic Statistics. There was also up to 207 weeks of short-term technical assistance covering all aspects of a modern staistical office in a developing country. Some of the activities were executed at other producers of official statistics in Mozambique such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

INE has been supported by the Scandinavian countries for a long time and we have been in a prolonged phasing-out phase focusing on sustainability and empowerment of the national Mozambican staff. It is encouraging to see how INE is taking up its role within the African statistical society and now often act as promoter and a good example.

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