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Israel 2016-2018

Statistics Denmark (DST) and the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (ICBS) have implemented a two year Twinning project, financed by the European Union. The project was implemented in cooperation with the experts from the Netherlands, Poland and the UK over the period March 2016 to August 2018.

The project was a logical continuation of a previous twinning project between the DST and ICBS that ran from May 2013 to December 2014.

The project is a consequence of the bilateral ENP Action Plan between the EU and Israel. For further details on the EU/Israel Action Plan, please consult:

The current project had 4 major components:

A: Quality management of official statistics
B: Micro-data services to researchers
C: Infrastructures for agricultural statistics
D: Methodological and geo-spatial tools for improving the quality and efficiency of field surveys
The purpose of the project was for the ICBS to align official Israeli statistics with standards, guidelines, and best practices from the European Union and from international organizations like the IMF and the OECD.

You can read more about the project in Hebrew on the ICBS website