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 CAPMAS is located in Nasr City, Cairo

 Picture of Capmas Office

 Experts Finnish Hilkka Vihavainen and Danish Kirsten Wismer present their conclusions of their assessment of the organisational structure of CAPMAS
 Picture of experts doing a presenation to Capmas
 The project team in CAPMAS: Peter Ottosen, Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) Mohamed Osman, translator and Marwa Gomaa, RTA Assistant
On December 18 2008, a press conference was held at CAPMAS to promote the project. The Egyptian media attended and the result of the press conference was a news cast in Egyptian TV and six articles in the news papers

 Pressconference at Capmas December 2008



A Concluding Event was held on 29 November 2010 with the purpose of presenting the results of the Twinning project. 150 people participated in the event including representatives from Egyptian ministries and other stakeholders, embassies, journalists and CAPMAS staff

 Picture from concluding seminar




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