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Introduction to the project

The Project

Statistics Denmark has, in partnership with Statistics Sweden, Statistics Finland, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and the Czech Statistical Office; lead the EU-Twinning project on "Institutional Capacity Building for the Central Agency of Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS); and Developing the Legal Framework for Statistics in Egypt".

The objective was to support the preparation of statistical policy and legislation and to build up the organizational capacity of CAPMAS to produce, publish and disseminate high quality statistics.

The project was organized around the following five components:

1. Support the development of statistical policy and legislation based on UN Fundamental Principles for Official Statistics and European Statistics Code of Practice

2. Support the development of an organisational and human resource reform of CAPMAS

3. Increase awareness of statistics among suppliers, users and citizens

4. Improve IT functions in support of statistical production and publishing (including databases, intranet and website)

5. Improve certain statistics (national accounts, foreign trade statistics, producer price index, consumer price index and statistical business register) based on scientific principles that meet national demands and European standards for high quality statistics

International experts provided technical assistance in the form of workshops and face-to-face interaction in Egypt. Knowledge sharing was the key when staff from CAPMAS undertook study visits in partner countries. Nearly 100 activities were conducted during the 27 months implementation period.

The Resident Twinning Advisor, Peter Ottosen, seconded from Statistics Denmark to CAPMAS, and RTA Assistant, Marwa Gomaa, coordinated all activities and were responsible for the daily support in Egypt.

The project ran from September 2008 to November 2010. 

Contact Information

Charlotte Juul Hansen
Statistics Denmark
Deputy Project Leader
Phone: +45 3917 3739

Peter Ottosen
Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA)
Phone: +202 2402 3717

Marwa Gomaa
RTA Assistant
Phone: +202 2402 3717