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The Retail Sales Index

Jeans på bøjler og hylder

Get an overview of the turnover in Danish retail trade.

The retail sales index shows the development in turnover in 49 different industries within the retail trade. The statistics are used especially for assessments of the state of the economy, but can also be used for analysis of individual industries. As a new feature gas stations are now in the index, both with sales of fuel and sales from their shops.


The subscription is delivered 12 times a year as a PDF file sent by email. We deliver the same day as the index is published. An annual subscription includes one year of reference. 

The subscription is for one year of reference. Figures for January will be published in early March (starting the year of reference), while the figures for December will be published in late February the next calendar year (the end of the year of reference).

You can also get the latest published index on a one-time basis. Delivery is done from day to day by email.


An annual subscription DKK 1,221.00 incl. VAT (DKK 1,526.25 excl. VAT)


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It is also possible to combine the tables with other variables or have them combined in a different way than in our standard tables. Read more about our tailor-made solutions or send an email to our consultants at DST Consulting.


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