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The Embassy and Shipping Package

Farvede containere

Get an overview of Danish imports and exports To countries

The Embassy and Shipping Package is designed to meet the needs of e.g. embassies and trade consulates or shipping companies that want to gain an overview of Denmark’s trade with one or more countries.

Acquire market knowledge

The starting point of the package is the countries for which you want to get detailed market knowledge. The actual list that you get is distributed by products as regards Denmark´s imports and exports for the country or countries concerned. The list contains both figures for the quantity and the value of more than 10,000 items.

You can use the product as a tool for analysis, e.g. if you need to:

  • Identify potential export opportunities
  • Identify the economic growth areas for particular products
  • Know which items are most important in trade with eg. Brazil or Singapore

The most important products

The package includes top-lists which quickly allow you to see which products are the most important in trade with a particular country, and it enables you to compare recent developments with previous years’ trade.


Depends on the number of countries you want data for. Prices range from DKK 2,535 excl. VAT (DKK 3,169 incl. VAT) for 1-8 countries to DKK 32,452 excl. VAT (40,565 incl. VAT) for more than 200 countries.


The package can both be obtained at a one-time-basis or as a subscription on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The tables are available in Excel and will be sent by e-mail. The package is delivered within one week after the order is received.


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Please notice that when you order you accept

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It is also possible to combine the tables with other variables or have them combined in a different way than in our standard tables. Read more about our tailor-made solutions or send an email to our consultants at DST Consulting.


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