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Online Payment Data Bank

Mønter og graf

Easy access to data on the Danish society around the clock

Our data bank contains predefined tables with data on e.g the population, internal migration patterns, the types of dwellings in an area, the number of households and their income, their use of cars etc.

See the contents of our Online Payment Data Bank.

Detailed statistics

In Statistic Denmarks official databank Statbank you are able to find tables at municipal level. In comparison, the tables in the Payment Data Bank typically contain statistics on smaller geographic units such as a parish or a postcode.

A tool for simple surveys

The tables provide a quick overview of a given area or community/customer segment. Therefore, one can use the tables for a purpose such as preparing an initial market analysis in connection with establishment of a business or before a marketing campaign is launched. 


A subscription provides access for one year. Data can be downloaded as many times as you want and you only pay for the number of tables you want to have access to.


You order access to the individual tables in our Online Payment Data Bank here.

Please note that by ordering you accept Statistics Denmark's General Terms and Conditions of Agreements


Prices range between DKK 6 462.50 incl. VAT (DKK 5 170 excl. VAT) and DKK 19 188.75 incl. VAT (DKK 15 351 excl. VAT). The exact price depends on how detailed the tables are.

Contact information

DST Consulting
Erik Sommer, tel: +45 3917 3582

Tailor-made solutions 

It is also possible to combine the tables with other variables or have them combined in a different way than in our standard tables. Read more about our tailor-made solutions or send an email to our consultants at DST Consulting.

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