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DISCO-88, v1.0:1988

Please notice, this version is no longer current.


DISCO-88, v1.0:1988


In 1996 DISCO-88 replaced the classification from 1981, which was based on the Danish Code of professions. DISCO-88 is the official Danish version of ISCO-88 (International Standard Classification of Occupations).

DISCO-88 is a four-digit employment nomenclature, which is primarily designed for statistical use. The nomenclature provides guidelines for a division of the Danish labor market into 372 subgroups, all of which contain a number of closely related work functions. Thus, the classification allows for comparison of persons who actually perform the same type of work but are not necessarily characterized by the same professional or educational background.

Denmark is just one of the many countries that are currently working to convert into a new employment nomenclature. Thus, the background for DISCO-88 must initially be found in an international collaboration between labor market statistics.

Valid from:

January 1, 1996

Valid to:

March 1, 2011


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Name Valid from Valid to
DISCO-88, v1.0:1988 January 1, 1996 March 1, 2011