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DISCO-08 Løn, v2.0:2011


DISCO-08 Løn, v2.0:2011


DISCO is the official Danish version of International Standard Classification of Occupations. ISCO is prepared by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

DISCO-08 in the wage statistics is a special edition of DISCO-08. The wage statistics must include a 6-digit code describing the employee's work function.

Valid from:

December 1, 2011


Personal Finances and Welfare


Ramije Idrizi,, ph. +45 39 17 34 48
All versions
Name Valid from Valid to
DISCO-08 Løn, v2.0:2011 December 1, 2011 Still valid
DISCO-08 Løn, v.1.0:2009 October 1, 2009 June 1, 2011