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DISCED-15, Type of education, completed educations v.1.0:-2017


DISCED-15, Type of education, completed educations v.1.0:-2017


DISCED-15 is an overall classification that organizes programs and education programs in four independent dimensions: Main Area, Type of Education, Level of education and Field og education.

DISCED-15 has been developed to support comparability of education statistics - both at national and international level.Thus, DISCED-15 must be able to serve as a useful classification system across statistics-producing authorities in the education sector in Denmark, while ensuring a clear connection to the international classification system ISCED. In order to ensure flexibility, the DISCED-15 classification is based on a "building block approach" where the main area, education type, level and field of education are independent variables.

Type of education in DISCED-15 makes it possible to differentiate the programs in the Danish education system by type of education, regardless of the level of education, subject or main field. The type of education allows a subdivision of the other dimensions of the classification on eg regular and adult education.

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January 31, 2017


Population and Education


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