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The monthly Labour Force Survey (LFS)

The monthly Labour Force Survey (LFS) is a supplement to the quarterly LFS. It is based on a monthly sample between 7-8.000 Danish persons aged 15-74.
The monthly LFS is the Danish contribution to Eurostat’s "Monthly Labour Force Survey" and is included in the unemployment figures of Eurostat and OECD.
The monthly LFS has been published since October 2013. The time series starts in January 2007.


The main purpose of the monthly LFS is to cast light on the population’s relation to the labour market. In the monthly LFS this will be publicized on an aggregated level for the series employment and unemployment divided on sex and two age groups aged 15-24 and 25-74.


The results will be publicized as three months averages, publicizing the middle month in the average. The three month average includes a forecast, a prognosis for the last month. The results for the last forecasted month will be finally collected the following month. As a result the numbers will be changes. Finally the numbers will be revised relative to the quarterly numbers when these are publicized.


As a result of the method of three months averages it is difficult to interpret the development from month to month. As a result the monthly numbers should be compared to numbers three months back in the monthly time series to avoid overlapping data in the average, that makes the interpretation of the development difficult. 

The monthly LFS is especially suitable if you wish to:
  • make international comparisons on a monthly basis
  • be able to see a current unemployment number which is not based on payment of social benefits, equivalent to population of the quarterly LFS for employment and unemployment

The Labour Force Survey publicize the results every month in  the_publication “Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik“ (News from Statistics Denmark) and in the Statbank

Development of the unemployment