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Plan for revised publications

The revised national accounts and government finances is published and available in the StatBank. The publication is accompanied by a Nyt and a publication that explains the extent of the revision. Thus September 15th marks the transition to a national accounts and government finances compiled according to ESA 2010. All publications after this date follow the usual publication schedule. The revised balance of payments is published on October 9th. The detailed publication plan can be seen below.

The implementation of the ESA 2010 guidelines takes place simultaneously across the EU.
The publication plans for the individual countries can he found here (in Danish)Eurostat’s planned publications can be found here (in Danish)

Quarterly/annual publication Extent of calculations  Publications
Nyt and StatBank Statistical News etc.
First publication based on
the new principles (year)

- GDP etc.
- Sector accounts
- Financial accounts
- Capital goods
- Regional accounts
- Public finances
- Public finances by sector


15 September 2014  15 September 2014
 (Theme publication)
Quarterly government finances,
Q2 2014
Q1 1999-
Q2 2014
25 September 2014  25 September 2014
Quarterly financial accounts for
general government, Q2 2014
Q1 1999-
Q2 2014
25 September 2014  25 September 2014
Quarterly national accounts, Q2 2014,
Q1 1990-
Q2 2014
30 September 2014 30 September 2014  
EMU-Debt and EMU-Deficit 2011-2013 3 October 2014  3 October 2014
Balance of payments, monthly 2005M01-
9 October 2014  
Balance og payments, quarterly Q1 2005-
Q2 2014
9 October 2014  9 October 2014
Balance of payments, annual 2013 24 October 2014
Labour productivity 2011-2013 18 December 2014  19 December 2014