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Stocks of Manufacturers and Wholesale

Several countries produce statistics on stock changes, but there are no international or European regulations that ensure comparability.

The statistics measure only stock changes. For total stocks, see the accounts statistics.

Comparability - geographical

There are no EU regulations for statistics on stock changes.

Comparability over time

The survey was established in 1987.

From publication of 1st quarter 2009 the statistics are based on DB07. DB07 is the Danish version of NACE rev. 2. Data revised backwards in time according to DB07 are available from 2001 onwards. Previous years are available only according to previous activity classifications (DB03, DB93, DSE77).

As of 1st quarter 2013, all stocks of the covered enterprises are included - regardless of the physical location of the stocks. Previously, stocks physically located outside Denmark were not included. There is therefore a break in the series in the form of an extraordinary increase in stocks in 1st quarter 2013. The effect is an extraordinary increase in the stock value of 0,5 billion DKK for manufacturing enterprises and an increase of 3,0 billion DKK for the wholesale enterprises.

When 1st quarter 2019 was published, the weights for aggregating price indices had been updated. The updated weights were incorporated into the statistics with effect from 1st quarter 2015 onwards. At the same time base year has been changed to 2015. This has given revisions to all series.

Coherence - cross domain

Accounts statistics have figures on stocks by end of the year. These figures are used for the selection of the sample for Stocks of manufacturers and wholesalers. The statistics are an important input to the calculation of the total changes in stocks in the quarterly national accounts. In the national accounts, further processing and adjustments take place, among other things to cover the whole economy - therefore, the figures do not necessarily show the same.

Coherence - internal

No sources for internal inconsistency.