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Stocks of Manufacturers and Wholesale

The primary purpose of the statistics stocks of manufacturers and wholesale is to deliver timely figures for changes in stocks for use in the quarterly national accounts statistics. The statistics were first published in 1987, but the current form started in 2001.

Statistical presentation

The statistics describe quarterly changes in the stocks of manufacturing and whole sale. For manufacturing, the stock changes are distributed to raw materials, semi-finished goods, manufactured goods and traded goods. The stocks of wholesale activities are not further distributed by type since it must be the case that it is primarily traded goods. Manufacturing is distributed to eight activity groups in published data, while whole sale is distributed to seven activity groups.

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Statistical processing

Data on stocks by the end of each quarter is collected through a survey of approx. 500 units. The reported data are validated, before they are grossed up from the sample to the population. Selected series are seasonally adjusted.

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The statistics are important for the quarterly National Accounts. They are also used by ministries, banks, trade associations and others that want to include stock changes in assessments of the short-term economic situation.

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Accuracy and reliability

The sample has not been updated in several years and the method of grossing up very basic. However, it is still believed that the statistics present a good indication of stock changes, as all the largest enterprises are included - and it is to a very large degree the large enterprises that account for the significant changes in stock.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published 55 days after the end of the quarter with high punctuality.

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Several countries produce statistics on stock changes, but there are no international or European regulations that ensure comparability.

The statistics measure only stock changes. For total stocks, see the accounts statistics.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published yearly in a Danish press release and quarterly in the StatBank. In the StatBank, these statistics can be found under Stocks of manufacturing industries and Stocks of wholesale.

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