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Statistical processing

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Personal Finances and Welfare, Social Statistics
Sofie Biering-Sørensen
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Proposition of accomodation

Data is received in to types of format. The received data is adapted so that it can be compiled in one

Source data

The individual types of accommodation report quarterly a file of data of the users who are checked in at or checked out from the accommodation facility. The stay must be registered regardless if the user has had previous stays at the accommodation facility. This means that the statistics include all stays for which a user is registered during the year.

Data is linked to the Statistics Denmark's population register.

Frequency of data collection

Data is collected in a quarterly basis.

Data collection

From 2017 upwards, data can be submitted via an upload solution,, to Statistics Denmark.

Data validation

The statistics cover the year 1999-2019. For the persons who lived in a § 110 accommodation at the beginning of the year, a technical check-in at 1 January 2019 has been made for the purpose of the statistics only. This check-in concerns persons who had checked in in 2018 or earlier and were still living in an accommodation facility at the beginning of the year.

The reported information is validated and subjected to a number of reliability tests. In connection with this, the material has been checked for double registrations, correct civil registration numbers and cleared of certain errors and omissions. Data is linked to the population register for further information about the citizen.

The figures are validated against check-in information in cases where concurrent check-in at the same or several accommodation facilities is registered for the same user. These are double registrations, which in some cases cover the whole year, whereas in other cases only concern a few days of double registration out of a total stay.

Data compilation

Some types of accommodation also have a shelter unit where the users are checked in in the evening and checked out in the morning. If these stays are in direct continuation of each other without interruption in the same type of accommodation, the stays are converted to one stay.

In some cases where a question has not been answered, “Not stated” is inserted.

If there are two subsequent check-ins or check-outs for a user in the same accommodation facility, a check-in or check-out will be inserted for the day after the first registration so that the stay will be registered as lasting one day. This rounding up rule means that the statistics probably overestimate the number of stays lasting one day. When all data has been received and is identical in structure, it is compiled into one data set.

Pooling is done with information from Statistics Denmark's population register.