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Non-attendance, vocational education

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Non-attendance, vocational education

Last updated: 18-01-2020

The purpose of the statistics about non-attendance in vocational education is to look at the students who enrols at an vocational education, but does not begin.

The statistics were compiled for the first time in 2017. The statistics cover the period from 2011 to 2016.

Statistical presentation

The statistics of non-attendance at vocational education contains the students who in the administrative systems of the vocational education schools have been registered with a code that show that the student did not begin the education. The statistics are initially published through an article from Statistics Denmark.

The statistics only contains students on the basic course and on the so-called "school road" (students who begin their education at school).

The time registration suffers from certain deficiencies. Statistics Denmark has therefore decided not to measure the statistics for single years, but only for the total period from 2011 to 2016.

Changes were made to the registration practice in 2015. Statistics Denmark estimates that the change in registration practice does not have any significant influence on the number of never begun students.

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Statistical processing

Data for these statistics are collected from the administrative system of the vocational education institutions. The collected data is validated by contacting vocational education institutions. Data has also been compared with the number of entrants at an educational and institutional level to find eventual irregularities. Thereafter, data is processed to neutralize certain irregularities which has been found in the data validation process.

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Statistics Denmark expects a general public interest for the statistics and that the statistics will be interesting to a wide range of users. The statistics can be used to document the proportion of enrolled students at the vocational educations which drops out before the start of the education. Since it is the first time the statistics are published, the satisfaction with the statistics is unknown.

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Accuracy and reliability

There are known sources of uncertainty, especially imperfect registration practices with regards to registered dates. Therefore, Statistics Denmark only publishes the statistics with overall numbers for the entire period 2011-2016. Statistics Denmark does find that the registration of never begun students is reasonably correct and the numbers over a larger period of time are therefore deemed to be pretty accurate. The reliability is therefore judged to be good.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published nine months after the end of reference period. The statistics was first planned to be published in November 2016 (without data for 2016), but had to be delayed.

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The statistics are published for the first time. The statistics are not published by year and comparisons over time is therefore not possible. There are no comparable international statistics. It is possible to compare with the ordinary statistics for vocational education.

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in a Danish press release. No data is publicized in StatBank Denmark. It is possible to buy customized solutions with the data from DST Consulting and to access micro data through Statistics Denmark's Research Services.

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