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Financial Accounts (Discontinued)

The financial accounts for Denmark were published for the first time in 2001 with data for the period 1995-1999. Quarterly financial accounts are published by the Danish Central Bank. The two accounts are basically similar bare a few differences in the choice of sources and methods. There is an ongoing collaboration with Danmarks Nationalbank to reduce these differences. The objective of the collaboration is establish a clear division in labour between the two institutions.

Statistical presentation

The financial accounts clarify how institutional sectors in the economy place/finance their net lending/net borrowing thereby the financial accounts show how the financial net worth is divided into different financial instruments. The financial accounts are published on an annual basis and consists of four parts: financial (transactions) account, account of other changes in volume, revaluation account, opening balance sheet account and the closing balance sheet account.

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Statistical processing

The data is collected throughout the year from various sources. It is then processed in relation to the national accounts system, where it may be necessary to contact the specific source to clarify certain characteristics of the data. It can also be necessary to make imputations in cases where the data is not available at the time of publication. When a full set of financial accounts for all (sub-)sectors are designed a series of corrections is performed to ensure the internal consistency within the national account's framework.

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The users of financial accounts are expected to be Danmarks Nationalbank, financial institutions, Eurostat, economic ministries, lobby organizations, financial analysts and researchers for the general purpose of analysis, forecasting and modeling.

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Accuracy and reliability

The financial accounts are based on a number of sources that may be influenced by a certain degree of inaccuracy, which may affect the financial accounts. The consistency checks and the data evaluations reduces the impact of imprecise data sources.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The first temporary figures are published about 6 months after completion of the latest reference year with the release at the end of June. Final figures are published annually about three years after the reference year in the early November release. Upon publication in the end of June, the three latest years are temporary. Upon release in early November two latest year are temporary. At present, the years 1995-2016 are final figures. There can be some significant revisions to the latest year. The statistics is normally published without delay compared to the announced date.

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The sector definitions in the financial accounts are defined by ESA2010. This enables comparisons to be made with non-financial accounts nationally as well as internationally. Quarterly financial accounts are published by the Danmarks Nationalbank. The two statements are basically alike apart from differences in choice of sources and methods.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistic is published in News from Statistics Denmark here: Annual national accounts. Data can be found in the following table in the StatBank: Financial account and balance sheets.

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