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Consumption and sales of Alcohol and Tobacco

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Prices and Consumption, Economic Statistics
Christian Lindeskov
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Consumption and sales of Alcohol and Tobacco

The purpose of the statistics on consumption of alcohol and tobacco is to describe the consumption, sales and cross-frontier purchase of alcoholic beverages and tobacco.

Statistical presentation

The statistic show the consumption of alcoholic beverages distributed on beer, wine, spirits and Alco pops as well as the consumption of tobacco. The consumption is composed of the domestic dutiable sales and cross-frontier purchases, where the Danes purchase abroad is added and foreigners consumption in Denmark is deducted.

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Statistical processing

  • Data is collected from the Danish tax authorities, thus they perform the data validation.
  • Data is corrected for the breweries' moderation scheme.

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The aim of the statistic is to provide institutions, such as unions and producers of alcohol and tobacco, and persons interested in the subject with general information. Generally the users are satisfied with the statistics. All suggestions to change the statistics are considered and implemented if possible and statistically responsible.

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Accuracy and reliability

The calculation of the taxable sales of alcohol is based on data collected by the Danish tax authorities. They use the data ensure that the correct amount of taxes is being paid for the sales of alcohol. Thus, the data is scrutinized and must be expected to be of a high quality. In the calculation of amounts average alcohol percentages specified by the Danish tax authorities are used. These percentages are estimated by the Danish tax authorities based on their experience and surveys. A part of the precision, thus, depends on the precision of these estimates. Data covers the total sale of alcohol in Denmark. Therefore, no measure of sampling error is calculated.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistic is published approximately 6 months after the end of the calendar year in question. It is usually published at the announced time.

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Accessibility and clarity

The statistic is published in "Nyt fra Danmarks Statistik". In the Statbank the numbers are published in the tables ALKO2, ALKO3 and ALKO4. Furthermore, the numbers are included in yearly publications of Statistical Yearbook and Statistical Ten-Year Review. Se more on the statistics' website.

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