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Business Cycle Tracer

Business Cycle Tracer is a graphic tool to analyze the business tendency based on confidence indicators for Manufacturing industries, Construction industry, Services and Retail trade - please refer to documentation for those statistics.

Statistical presentation

The Business Cycle Tracer is plotted in a scatter graph. Y-values depict indicator level. X-values depict changes in indicator level month over month. Along the curve is traced the development month by month.

The collection of data for these statistics has not been affected by COVID-19.

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Statistical processing

Based on Business Tendency Survey data, a composite indicator is calculated by Principal Component Analysis for each sector.

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Users of the statistics are trade organizations, banks, politicians, public authorities, international organizations, business enterprises and the news media.

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Accuracy and reliability

Based on Business Tendency Survey. Furthermore refer to method description in Danish: Konjunkturcyklus-metode.

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Timeliness and punctuality

Update each month the second workday.

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Containing time series from 1998 and onwards

The method follows the method established by DG ECFIN, EU, European Business Cycle Indicators. Furthermore see the method description: Konjunkturcyklus-metode (in Danish).

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Accessibility and clarity

These statistics are published in the StatBank under Business Cycles and in an interactive graph on the subject page.

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