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Labour Market, Department of Social Statistics
Torben Lundsvig
+45 39 17 34 21

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Benefits During Sickness or in Connection with Childbirth

The maternity and paternity leave part of the statistic is used by ministries for reasons of gender equality policy and of the unions and the employers' organizations in connection with collective bargaining. The sickness benefit part of the statistic is together with the maternity and paternity leave part section mostly used as an important data element of Analyses of the Danish workforce productivity (economic modeling), Statistics Labour Market Accounts, Statistics Persons receiving public benefits and general absence statistics.

User Needs

The statistics are used for planning, research and political discussions for example the split of parental leave into the fathers leave and the mothers leave from an equality point of view. Some users would like to have parental leave published at a local level. Furthermore there is a demand of revealing why people do not take parental leave as they are supposed to do.

User Satisfaction

The statistics are used in the political debate and at collective bargaining. At times the statistics have caused headlines. There has not been any criticism on account of that. The dissatisfaction there might be is more of the type that the statistics should be able to present information not actually presented. Concerning sickness leave the increase of the period of absence due to sickness paid by the employer from 15 day to 30 days has reduced the ability of the register to be used for analyses of total sickness in Denmark.

Data completeness rate

Not relevant for these statistics.