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Statistical processing

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National Accounts, Economic Statistics
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Annual National Accounts, Total Economy (Discontinued)

The Final National Accounts are compiled using the method of product balancing. Supply and use of goods and services are compiled on a detailed level. The product balances are reconciled by using all relevant information. The sources of the Final National Accounts are primarily final statistics concerning the economy, industry structures, and prices.

Source data

The data sources of the final national accounts consist primarily of all (final) statistics on economics, business structure, employment and prices.

Amongst such statistics the following can be mentioned:

  • Accounting statistics (for private urban industries)
  • Enterprise statistics
  • Accounting statistics for publicly controlled enterprises
  • Statistics on general government
  • Agricultural statistics
  • Statistics on manufacturing sales
  • Statistics on the use of raw materials in manufacturing
  • Household budget surveys
  • Retail turnover statistics
  • External trade statistics
  • Balance of payments statistics
  • Register-based labour force statistics
  • Employment statistics
  • Wholesale, consumer and net consumer price indices

Frequency of data collection


Data collection

Not relevant for this statistics.

Data validation

Data validation is carried out in three steps corresponding to the main processes of the data processing when compiling the National Accounts:

  1. Thorough data validation is carried in primary statistics. See the relevant documentation of statistics for more information.
  2. Data validation when preparing data for the product balance system. The National Accountants receives and process data on detailed unit-level which makes it possible to go back to the sources.
  3. The final data validation is carried out when reconciling the product balance system into consistency.

Data compilation

The data compilation is described together with "Data validation".


There is no adjustments on data except what is already described under "data validation" and "data compilation".