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Animal Products

The purpose of the statistics is to show size and use of the animal production. The statistics have a long history and the key figures covering the past 100 years are comparable. The data for the first decades contain many estimates and calculations, but comprehensive statistics have been compiled since the Second World War.

Statistical presentation

The statistics provide data on cows' milk collected from farms the use of milk for production of fresh milk products, e.g. milk, buttermilk, cream, cultured milk, manufactured products as powdered milk, butter, cheese, eggs, beef, veal, pork, poultry meat, mutton, lamb, horse meat and game meat.

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Statistical processing

Data for these statistics are collected annually, monthly and quarterly, depending on product. Data comes from administrative registers, miscellaneous notifications, etc. The collected data passes through a validation and the validated data aggregates to the final result.

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No comment.

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Accuracy and reliability

The statistics give complete coverage and the margins of errors are restricted to estimates of the producers' own consumption, lower thresholds in the external trade statistics and incomplete statistics of stocks. The data derived from calculations of balances are residuals and the figures are subject to margins of errors. The greatest margins of errors are observed for the statistics compiled quarterly.

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Timeliness and punctuality

The statistics are published without delay in relation to scheduled release times. Publication of August 2017 the numbers were postponed 10 days as registry data was delayed due to missing reports to the registry.

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Time series covering key figures are available for a long period. Some minor definitional changes have been made.

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Accessibility and clarity

See the subject page: Fødevareforbrug hvor der findes henvisning til statistikken i Statistikbanken Fødevareforbrug eftr type og enhed(år).

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