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Social Statistics: Director Niels Ploug

Niels Ploug

Photograph by Martin Sylvest

Niels Ploug

Tel.: + 45 39 17 39 51
Tel. mobile: + 45 20 33 08 75


1985 MA (economics), University of Copenhagen
1998 Management Course at Danish Management Forum


1995-08 Research Director - SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research
2004- External lecture - sociology - Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
2002- Member of the national censurcorps in sociology
1996-01 Editor "Samfundsøkonomen"
1992- External lecture - empirical economics - Copenhagen Business School
1992-95 Head of Research Unit - SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research
1990-92 Employed at the secretariat of government social commission
1990-92 Senior Researcher - SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research
1985-92 External teacher in economic history. Department of Economics, University of Copenhagen
1985-92 Research associate - SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research


2014- UN Global Working Group on Big Data - chair
2012-13 Member of the Governmental Expert Group on Poverty
2010- OECD Global Science Forum Initiative on Data and Research Infrastructure for the Social Sciences
2010- EUROSTAT Task Force on Modernisation of Social Statistics
2010- Nordens Välfärdscenter, medlem af ekspertgruppen, Individ og institution
2009-10 EUROSTAT Task Force on Migration Statistics
2009 Policy Fellow. IZA Forschungsinstitut zur Zunkunft der Arbeit
2009- Steering Group Member CES project on Emerging Issues in Social Statistics
2007- Member of the user-panel faculty of social science. University of Copenhagen
2007- Chair of the user-panel department of sociology, University of Copenhagen
2006- Member of the advisory board of the Labour Movements Economic Council (AE-Rådet)
2006- Member of the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (UVVU)
2004- Member of the board of the Norwegian Welfare Research Programme
2004-05 Member of the Danish Strategic working group on research infrastructure (AFI)
2003-07 Member of Social Science and Humanities branch of ESFRI - European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructure - chair of EROHS working group
2001- Member of the editorial board of "Samfundsøkonomen"
1999- Member of KOR - committee on Danish Register Data Research
1999-05 Deputy Chairman The Danish Social Science Research Council

Research management

2007- Chair of the Nordic Centre of Excellence - REASSESS - strand on "Family policies"
2007-08 Chair of the inter-institutional working group to establich a centre for combined survey and register dat (CSSR)
2004- Co-chair of the research project on welfare state architecture joint with University of Aalborg
1999-05 Head of the research programme on intergenerational transmission (negative social inheritance) - with participants from several Danish research institutions
1994-98 Co-chair of the Centre for Welfare State Research - a joint centre with University of Southern Denmark
1992-99 Head of the SFI research programme on social security in Europe

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