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Director General: Jørgen Elmeskov

Jørgen Elmeskov

Photograph by Martin Sylvest

Jørgen Elmeskov

Director General

Tel.: + 45 39 17 39 01


9. october 1956


Master, Economics (cand.polit.), University of Copenhagen 1981.

Current position

National Statistician, Director General, Statistics Denmark since October 2013

Previous work

2009-2013 Director, Policy Studies Branch, OECD Economics Department and OECD Deputy Chief Economist
2009 Acting OECD Chief Economist and Head of OECD Economics Department
2007-2008 Acting Head of OECD Economics Department
2007-2009 Director, Policy Studies Branch, OECD Economics Department
1999-2007 Deputy Director, Policy Studies Branch, OECD Economics Department
1995-1999 Counsellor for structural policy to the chief economist, OECD
1994-1995 Principal Economist, General Economic Analysis Division, OECD
1993-1994 Head of Germany/Austria desk, OECD
1990-1993 Principal Economist, Resource Allocation Division, OECD
1986-1990 Head of Nordic country desk, OECD
1986-1986 Economic analyst and writer, Børsen’s Nyhedsmagain (Denmark)
1986-1986 External lecturer, Copenhagen Business School, Economics Institute
1982-86 Part-time teacher, Copenhagen Business School, Economics Institute
1981-1986 Economist, Economic Council (Denmark)
1977-1981 Research assistant, Economic Council (Denmark)
1976-1977 Research assistant, Danish Fisheries Research Institute (Denmark)

Other positions

2014- Member of the Norwegian governments Green Tax Commission (Norway)
2014- Member, Pensionskommissionen (Denmark)
2014- Member of the Board, Danish Society for Education and Business (Denmark)
2014- Member of the Expertgroup to evaluate the Konjunkturinstituttet (Sweden)
2007-2013 Secretariat focal point for the network of National Economic Research Organisations (OECD)
2011-2013 OECD representative in the G20 Framework Working Group
2011- Member, Advisory Board for project on green tax reform, Concito (Denmark)
2010- Member, Board of Directors, DEA
2009-2011 Member of the government’s Growth Forum (Denmark)
2009-2010 Member of Evaluation Committee for Centraal Plan Bureau (Netherlands)
2009-2010 Member of working group on Young Adults and Young Pensioners (Institut Montaigne, France)
2008-2010 Member of the government’s Climate Commission (Denmark)
2006-2007 Senior fellow, Environmental Assessment Institute (Denmark)
2004-2006 Member of the government’s Welfare Commission (Denmark)
1999-2007 Chairman of the editorial board, OECD Economic Studies
1987-1989 President, Danish-Norwegian section, Lycée International (France)

Selected named publications (English)

Cotis, J.-P. and J. Elmeskov (2006), “Competitiveness and Structural Policies: Where Does the EU Stand?”, in Globalisation Challenges for Europe and Finland, Economic Council of Finland, Prime Minister’s Office, Helsinki.

 Cotis, J.-P., J. Elmeskov and A. Mourougane (2005), “Estimates of Potential Output:  Benefits and Pitfalls from a Policy Perspective”, in L. Reichlin (ed.), Euro area business cycle: stylized facts and measurement issues, CEPR, London.

 Dalsgaard,T.,  J. Elmeskov and C.-Y. Park (2002), “Ongoing Changes in the Business Cycle – Evidence and Causes”, SUERF Studies, No. 2 (also issued as OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 315)

 Duval, R. and J. Elmeskov (2006), “The Effects of EMU on Structural Reforms in Labour and Product Markets”, European Central Bank Working Paper Series, No. 596 (also issued as OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 438)

 Duval, R., J. Elmeskov and L. Vogel (2007), Business Cycles: The Role of Moderation, Convergence and Resilience, OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 567.

 Elmeskov, J. (2010), “Comments on B.M. Friedman ‘Learning from the Crisis: What Can Central Banks Do?’”, Reserve Bank of India International Research Conference (will be issued in conference volume),

 Elmeskov, J. (2009), “The General Economic Background to the Crisis”, in Causes of the crisis: Key Lessons (proceedings volume from G20 Workshop issued by Reserve Bank of India and Bank of England).

 Elmeskov, J. (2005), “Structural Reforms and Growth Strategies of Successful Economies: Non-EU Industrial Economies”, in Caesar, Lammers and Scharrer (ed.), Europa auf dem Weg zum Wettbewerbsfähigsten und Dynamischsten Wirtschaftsraum der Welt, HWWA Studien, No. 76, Hamburg.

 Elmeskov, J. (2004), “Ageing, Public Budgets and the Need for Policy Reform”, Review of International Economics, Vol. 12, No. 2.

 Elmeskov, J. (2004), “Comments on D. Gros and C. Hefeker ‘Asymmetric Transmission of Monetary Policy: What Should the ECB Do if One Size Does Not Fit All?’”, in Sinn, Widgren and Köthenbürger, European Monetary Integration, CESifo seminar series, MIT Press.

 Elmeskov, J. (2003), “Structural Reforms – Where Does Europe Stand Today?”, in Tumpel-Gugerell and Mooslechner, Structural Challenges for Europe, Edward Elgar Publishing.

 Elmeskov, J. (2002), “Comments on Richard Jackman ‘Determinants of Unemployment in Western Europe and Possible Policy Responses’”, in UN Economic Commission for Europe, Economic Survey of Europe, No. 2.

 Elmeskov, J. (2001), “Comment on M. Kuroda and K. Nomura ‘An explanation of the Productivity Paradox: TFP Spillover through Capital Accumulation’” in K. Okina and T. Inoue (ed.), Monetary Policy in World of Knowledge-Based Growth, Quality Change and Uncertain Measurement, Palgrave.

 Elmeskov, J. (2000), “Implementing the OECD Jobs Strategy: Assessing performance and Policy”, in OECD, Policies Towards Full Employment, Paris.

 Elmeskov, J. (1999), “Comment on C. Hansen and T. Tranæs ‘Effort Commitment in Active Labour Market Policy’”, in Andersen, Jensen og Risager (ed.), Macroeconomic Perspectives on the Danish Economy.

 Elmeskov, J. (1998), “The Unemployment Problem in Europe: Lessons from Implementing the OECD Jobs Strategy”, European University Institute Working Paper, RSC 98/24

 Elmeskov, J. (1998), “The OECD Jobs Strategy: Benchmarking Policy Progress”, in Proceedings of the Joint Employment Observatory Conference on Benchmarking Labour Market Performances and Policies

 Elmeskov, J. (1993) “High and Persistent Unemployment – Assessment of the problem and its Causes”, OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 132.

Elmeskov, J. and R. Kohl (1998), “The OECD Jobs Strategy: Progress Report on Implementation of Country-Specific Recommendations”, OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 196.

Elmeskov, J. and M. MacFarlan (1993), “Unemployment Persistence”, OECD Economic Studies, No. 21

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 Elmeskov, J. and S. Scarpetta (2000), ” New Sources of Economic Growth in Europe?”, in Proceedings of the 28. Volkswirtschaftliche Tagung 2000 der Österreichischen Nationalbank, Vienna

 Elmeskov, J., J. Shafer and W. Tease (1991), “Saving Trends and Measurement Issues”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics,...(also issued as OECD Economics Department Working Paper, No. 105)

 Elmeskov, J. and D. Sutherland (2012), "Post-crisis debt overhang: Growth implications across countries", Rerserve Bank of India, paper for Second International Research Conference 2012.