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New subject structure - Q&A

On Tuesday 14 September, Statistics Denmark will launch a new subject structure.

What is Statistics Denmark’s subject structure?

We use Statistics Denmark’s subject structure to organise and present all statistics produced by Statistics Denmark in subject-related groups. In this way, the subject structure allows users to explore Statistics Denmark’s vast amount of statistics in relevant subject areas. The search function supplements the subject structure at and in Statbank Denmark.

Why change the existing subject structure?

Statistics Denmark will obtain a new and more intuitive subject structure, which should make it easier for users to navigate.

User surveys have shown that a large number of users have difficulties navigating our current subject structure. This has also been reflected in direct inquiries from users who have difficulties finding the relevant statistical areas.

Among other things, the new structure features fewer subjects, which helps users gain an overall view of a subject area and in that way more easily find the statistics they are looking for. At the same time, the naming of the subjects has been adjusted, so that the terminology is simpler.

How do we use the subject structure?

Statbank Denmark uses the subject structure in our dissemination of statistical products – e.g. in Statbank Denmark, at, in newsletters and on other communication platforms. The subject structure is a central and highly used tool for our users to find relevant content with Statistics Denmark.

For example, the subject structure also constitutes the basis for the possibility to present related content within the same subject area at and to subscribe to subject-based newsletters.

When will the change to the new subject structure take effect?

Statistics Denmark will start using the new subject structure at, in Statbank Denmark as well as other communication platforms on Tuesday 14 September 2021 in the afternoon.

What are the consequences of the new subject structure - on the day of conversion?

In connection with the conversion to the new structure, some irregularities may occur as from 2 p.m. on the day, especially at

In the days following the conversion, we will perform thorough quality assurance to ensure that the conversion to the new subject structure has penetrated all relevant areas correctly.

What are the consequences of the new subject structure – subsequently?

After conversion to the new subject structure, Statbank Denmark tables will be positioned in accordance with the new structure, and the subject pages will have changed to reflect the new organisation. Newsletters and release platforms will also be converted to the new subject structure.

If you subscribe to newsletters from Statistics Denmark, we recommend that you check whether you still receive newsletters on the subjects that you want.

In Statbank Denmark, the change to the new subject structure does not impact the individual tables or any queries that you may have saved. Only the position of the tables is changed.

Who can answer questions?

If after 14 September 2021, you have trouble finding the statistics that you usually use, you are welcome to contact our Information Service at or telephone +45 3917 3030.

For general questions to the new subject structure, please contact Mette-Line Jakobsen at or telephone +45 3917 3724.


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