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Statistics Denmark is proud to be hosting the 35th IARIW General Conference from Monday August 20th to Friday August 24th 2018 in Copenhagen.


The International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW) is an international organization for producers, users and researchers in the field of national accounts as well as economic and social statistics.

The ambition of the association is to do further research in fields such as: economic and social accounting, analysis of international income and wealth, and international comparison. More information can be found on

IARIW General Conference

A way to achieve IARIW’s ambition is to host conferences in order to gather the relevant actors within the thematic fields. IARIW General Conference is held every second year and member countries take turn in organizing the conference. In 2018 the conference will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The main purpose of the conference is to facilitate the exchange of best practices and experiences between academics, national accountants and representatives of government administration. 

The 35th General Conference is primarily organized around the following theme sessions:

• Globalization and Inclusive Growth
• Skills, Employment and Productivity – Measurement Analysis.
• Measuring Capital and Wealth
• Human Capital and Innovation
• Is Productivity Growth Slowing Down?
• The Digital Economy – Conceptual and Measurement Issues
• Distributional Diversity in the National Accounts
• Pushing the Boundaries of the SNA
• Unconditional Basic Income
• Timely Indicators of the Distribution of Income and Wealth
• Disability Measurement and its Implications
• Improving the Measurement of Household Finances in Surveys
• Mobility, Opportunity and Longitudinal Data
• A Quarter Century Passes – East Central Europe
• The Use of Financial Accounts and Balance Sheets in Enhancing CB Policy and Tools
• Redistribution Policies
• Intergenerational Issues
• Retirement and Ageing
• Measuring Poverty and Well-being in Developing Countries
• New Insights into Economic Behaviour from Households Surveys
• Well-being and Household Issues


The conference is attended by participants from a variety of countries located in different regions:

  • Academics: in the areas of income and wealth and systems of economic, financial and social accounting and their use for economic policy
  • Professional statisticians
  • Representatives from government administration

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