PC-AXIS instruction manual


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Introduction (up)

PC-AXIS 98 for Windows is a software for the management of large amount of statistics. In PC-AXIS it is possible to rearrange tables, establish local statistical databases and to export the tables into a variety of different file formats. Optional formats includes as well Excel as HTML for Internet or Intranet.

Statistics Sweden normally distribute PC-AXIS as an integrated part of a statistical product within the Internet or on CD-roms.

PC-AXIS was initially developed for the 1990 Population Census in Sweden. The further development is guided by an international PC-AXIS Reference Group with participants from other licensed PC-AXIS using NSI:s. Especially close is the co-operation between Statistics Sweden and Statistics Denmark. Statistics Denmark has not only developed parts of the software but also produced the origin of this User manual.

At the following pages some of the features and possibilities in PC-AXIS 98 for Windows are showed in the appearance of a cartoon.

This manual is especially developed for the 32-bits version of PC-AXIS. If you need a similar manual for the 16-bit version of PC-AXIS it can be ordered from Statistics Sweden on Fax: +46 8 7834899 or go to Statistics Denmarks Website: www.dst.dk.

Statistics Sweden / Statistics Denmark - May 1999.


On PC-AXIS help functions (up)


Use F1 for help


Open a database in PC-AXIS (up)


The Database contains several subject areas

Change active database

In the bottom of the menu window you will find the active database. If you have access to more databases on a server or a cd-rom you can easily switch database. Click on the button "Change Base" and select another database. Use the option search to find a certain file..

Select a table


Open a table in PC-AXIS (up)

Select values from the variables in the table

If you want all values from a variable just click on the name of the variable on the top of a list. By clicking on the variable name Marital status all values will be included in the table.

If certain values are to be selected you have to press CTRL + left mouse button. Only the selected values will appear in the table.

Aggregate values

Select aggregation list

Aggregation lists are linked to certain tables

The option to aggregate values differs from table to table. A table distributed on municipalities can optionally be aggregated on region.

Select values to the table

A table in PC-AXIS

Click on the sheet Footnot to get the footnotes for the very table. Available information is Latest update, Source, Contact, Units, Data type, Reference period, Database, Internal reference code. There might even be certain information on the material, a variable or a value of a variable. Further information is available on a material accessible through the tool-button if it is activated. When using this button a linked document will be automatically opened in your word processor.


Using the table in another software (up)

Copy the table into another software….

.. like Excel


Save the table in another file format (up)

Using convert and save in another file format...

...or save the table in your own database on the hard-disk

In this option the table is saved in the selected database in the subject area "Population".


Edit a table in PC-AXIS (up)

To edit the Heading and Stub

Drag and drop variables using the mouse

Editing the table layout

Copy, move, or delete tables and subject areas

Copy, move or delete a table or a subject area using File Maintenance.


To do simple calculations within PC-AXIS (up)

Calculate Per cent

If you just want the resulting per cent to remain in the table use "exclude" in the area "Initial values".

Change textual information in the table

To change the textual information in the stub and heading use Edit, Change texts.

Mark the value you want to change. Enter the new text and press Enter.


Diagrams in PC-AXIS (up)

The tables in PC-AXIS can be presented in a diagram according to a number of diagram types.

Use the Diagram tool button...

...and select your choice of a diagram

By clicking the right mouse button it is possible to edit the diagram. There are options to change texts, characters, color etc.


It must be noticed that certain diagrams are based upon a certain number of columns or variables to be presented. The population pyramid is based on a table consisting of two columns as showed above.


Some more advanced options in PC-AXIS (up)

PC-AXIS and other softwares

In PC-AXIS there is an option to link the active table in PC-AXIS direct into another software. The software will automatically be initalised by PC-AXIS and the table is transferred into the software such as Exccel or Lotus.

Link to another software

Select Additions....

As can be seen on the picture it is also possible to change a lot of different parameters. In the window "Options for advanced" you can change directories in which the files shall be stored as default. It is also possible to change the layout of PC-AXIS.

To link another software to PC-AXIS

Some explanations

In the dialogue box above optionally four different software can be linked. To establish such a link PC-AXIS needs the following information:

Excel is now linked to PC-AXIS

The table in PC-AXIS will automatically be transferred into Excel


Internet user interface to PC-AXIS on CD-roms (up)

Statistics Across Borders - Nordic statistics on CD-ROM

On the 1998 issue of "Statistics Across Borders" a HTM-document named Cdrom98.htm looking as above is available. It works in the same fashion as the service Prepackaged files in the Sweden’s Statistical databases but you do not require any Internet communication. You just select database for any of the present countries and then a document showing subject areas will appear. Under selected subject area documents showing the content of the different PC-AXIS files will turn up. When a file name is clicked PC-AXIS automatically starts and gives you options to select variables and values as usual in PC-AXIS.

Internet links to the Nordic NSI:s is also available in the document

Using the links to the NSI:s web-sites gives you the opportunity to access PC-AXIS files from several of the Nordic NSI:s. At present such file services are available at Statistics Denmark, Statistics Greenland and Statistics Finland.


History (up)

PC-AXIS was initially developed for the Swedish Population Census 1990. The main users got at copy of PC-AXIS instead of paper tables. The tables then was down loaded from the databases on the Main-frame into PC-AXIS. Since then PC-AXIS is used for diskettes, CD-ROM and from 1997 Statistics Sweden use it as a help-application to the database system in the Internet.


PC-AXIS international reference group (up)

PC-AXIS is used in several National Statistical Offices, NSIs. At present: Brazil, Bolivia, Denmark, The Philippines, The Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Spain (Basque autonomy) and Sweden.

For the NSIs to influence the further development of PC-AXIS an International Reference Group has been established. The PC-AXIS Reference Group meets once a year to exchange experiences, study related software and most of all discuss further steps of the development of the software.

NSIs using PC-AXIS for dissemination of statistics in machine readable form pays an annual fee for system-documentation and further versions of PC-AXIS. The NSI then gets the right for its country to disseminate statistics including PC-AXIS to any of its customers.