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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2014-04-22Consumer expectations April 2014209Yes
2014-04-22Investment expectations in the manufacturing industry March 2014210Yes
2014-04-23Labour force survey, European 4 quarter 2013211Yes
2014-04-23EU harmonized consumer price index March 2014212Yes
2014-04-23Holiday dwellings rented through Danish agents (yearly) 2013213Yes
2014-04-23Crime (quarterly) 1 quarter 2014214Yes
2014-04-24Balances in the Danish economy 2013215Yes
2014-04-24Construktions intermediate consumption of raw materials and services 2012216Yes
2014-04-24Turnover of organic products in retail shops 2013217Yes
2014-04-25Commuting distances 1 January 2013218Yes
2014-04-25Index of retail sales March 2014219Yes
2014-04-25Livestock of cattle 31 March 2014220Yes
2014-04-25Scheduled releases of News from Statistics Denmark week 18221Yes
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