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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2015-01-30production and consumption of goods by enterprises 201243Yes
2015-01-30Research and development 201344Yes
2015-01-30Research and development by the public sector 201345Yes
2015-01-30Breakdown of turnover by product in wholesale trade 201346Yes
2015-02-02Benefits for disadvantaged children and young people 2012 og 201347Yes
2015-02-03Financial assets and liabilities of regions 4 quarter 201448Yes
2015-02-03Financial assets and liabilities of municipalities 4 quarter 201449Yes
2015-02-03Fodder consumption in Agriculture 2013/101450Yes
2015-02-04Sales of real property, monthly November 201451Yes
2015-02-04Bankruptcies January 201552Yes
2015-02-04Consumer credit 4 quarter 201453Yes
2015-02-05Forced sales of real property January 201554Yes
2015-02-05Building construction 4 quarter 201455Yes
2015-02-05Construction cost indices for civil engineering projects 4 quarter 201456Yes
2015-02-05Cost indices for refuse collection and slurry pump 4 quarter 201457Yes
2015-02-06Holiday dwellings rented through Danish agents December 2014 Yes
2015-02-06Nights spent in hotels, holiday resorts, camping sites and youth hostels etc. December 2014 Yes
2015-02-06Pigs 1, January 2015 Yes
2015-02-06Industrial production and turnover December 2014 Yes
2015-02-09New registrations of motor vehicles January 2015 Yes
2015-02-09International trade in services 4 quarter 2014 No
2015-02-09Balance of payments December 2014 No
2015-02-09Statistics of external trade with goods December 2014 Yes
2015-02-09External economy 2014 Yes
2015-02-10Changes in population 4 quarter 2014 Yes
2015-02-10Immigration and emigration 1 January 2015 Yes
2015-02-10Consumer price index and net retail price index January 2015 Yes

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