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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2014-09-22Consumer expectations September 2014483Yes
2014-09-22Index of retail sales August 2014484Yes
2014-09-22EU harmonized consumer price index August 2014485Yes
2014-09-23Labour costs in the EU and USA 2 quarter 2014486Yes
2014-09-24Sales of real property, quarterly 2 quarter 2014487Yes
2014-09-24Fertility (suppliment) 1970-2012, child gender488Yes
2014-09-25Quarterly public finance 2 quarter 2014489Yes
2014-09-25Financial quarterly Sector accounts for general government 2 quarter 2014490Yes
2014-09-25Group of enterprises in Denmark 2012491Yes
2014-09-26Energy efficiency for newly registered cars 2014492Yes
2014-09-26Asylum applicants and residence permits 2 quarter 2014493Yes
2014-09-26Internal migration 2013494Yes
2014-09-26People receiving public benefits, 16-64 years (supplement) 2. kvt. 2014, education495Yes
2014-09-26Scheduled releases of News from Statistics Denmark week 40496Yes
2014-09-29Tendency survey, Construction industry September 2014497Yes
2014-09-29Tendency survey for manufacturing industries September 2014498Yes
2014-09-29Tendency survey, Services September 2014499Yes
2014-09-29Tendency survey, Retail trade September 2014500Yes
2014-09-30Marriages and divorces (supplement) 1 October 2014 - 25 years with registered partnerships Yes
2014-09-30Quarterly Sector accounts 2 quarter 2014 (ESA 2010) Yes
2014-09-30Account Statistics for Agriculture 2013 Yes
2014-09-30National accounts (quarterly - revised) 2 quarter 2014 (ESA 2010) Yes
2014-09-30Unemployment (monthly) August 2014 No
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