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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2014-10-21EU harmonized consumer price index September 2014531Yes
2014-10-21Hospitalizations 2013532Yes
2014-10-22Index of retail sales September 2014533Yes
2014-10-22Labour force survey, European 2 quarter 2014534Yes
2014-10-23Consumer expectations October 2014535Yes
2014-10-23Interest and Debt in Agriculture 2013536Yes
2014-10-23Gross Fixed Capital Formation in Agriculture 2013537Yes
2014-10-23Livestock of cattle 30. September 2014538Yes
2014-10-24Share prices, interest and exchange rates 3 quarter 2014539Yes
2014-10-27Environmental goods and services 2013540Yes
2014-10-29Trade by enterprise caracteristica 2013541Yes
2014-10-30Unemployment (monthly) September 2014542Yes
2014-10-30Tendency survey, Construction industry October 2014543Yes
2014-10-30Tendency survey for manufacturing industries October 2014544Yes
2014-10-30Tendency survey, Services October 2014545Yes
2014-10-30Tendency survey, Retail trade October 2014546Yes
2014-10-31General government deficit and debt in the European Union 2013 (October-indberetning) No
2014-10-31Cultural business structure and labour market 2012 Yes
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