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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2014-11-24Stock changes in the manufacturing and wholesale trade 3 quarter 2014592Yes
2014-11-25Crop production of cereals, rape and pulses 2014593Yes
2014-11-25Account Statistics for Aquaculture 2013594Yes
2014-11-26Immigrants in Denmark 2014595Yes
2014-11-26Account Statistics for Fishery 2013596Yes
2014-11-27Unemployment (monthly) October 2014597Yes
2014-11-27Tendency survey, Construction industry November 2014598Yes
2014-11-27Tendency survey for manufacturing industries November 2014599Yes
2014-11-27Tendency survey, Services November 2014600Yes
2014-11-27Tendency survey, Retail trade November 2014601Yes
2014-11-28National accounts (quarterly) 3 quarter 2014602Yes
2014-11-28Employees statistics (monthly) September 2016603Yes
2014-11-28Asylum applicants and residence permits 3 quarter 2014604Yes
2014-11-28Index of Average Earnings in Corporations and Organizations 3 quarter 2014605Yes
2014-12-01Manufacturers' sales 3 quarter 2014 Yes
2014-12-01Social welfare expenditure 2013 No
2014-12-02Extraction of raw materials from the sea 2013 No
2014-12-02External economy of Denmark 2013 Yes
2014-12-02Income tax for persons 2013 Yes
2014-12-03Sales of real property, monthly September 2014 Yes
2014-12-03Trade in patents and other IP-rights 2013 Yes
2014-12-04Bankruptcies November 2014 Yes
2014-12-04Forced sales of real property November 2014 No
2014-12-04Labour force survey (theme) 3 quarter 2014 Yes
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