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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2014-07-30Sales of real property, monthly May 2014388Yes
2014-07-30Tendency survey, Construction industry July 2014389Yes
2014-07-30Tendency survey for manufacturing industries July 2014390Yes
2014-07-30Tendency survey, Services July 2014391Yes
2014-07-30Tendency survey, Retail trade July 2014392Yes
2014-07-31Unemployment (monthly) June 2014393Yes
2014-08-01Scheduled releases of News from Statistics Denmark week 32394Yes
2014-08-04From general school leaving certificate to further education 2013395Yes
2014-08-05Financial assets and liabilities of municipalities 2 quarter 2014396Yes
2014-08-05Financial assets and liabilities of regions 2 quarter 2014397Yes
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