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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2015-03-03Victims of crime 2014104Yes
2015-03-04Corporate taxes i indkomståret 2013105Yes
2015-03-04Sales of real property, monthly December 2014106Yes
2015-03-04Bankruptcies February 2015107Yes
2015-03-05Forced sales of real property February 2015108Yes
2015-03-05Labour force survey (theme) 4 quarter 2014109Yes
2015-03-05R&D in culture 2013110Yes
2015-03-06Industrial production and turnover January 2015111Yes
2015-03-06Construction cost index for residential buildings 4 quarter 2014112Yes
2015-03-06Nights spent in hotels, holiday resorts, camping sites and youth hostels etc. January 2015113Yes
2015-03-06Holiday dwellings rented through Danish agents January 2015114Yes
2015-03-09New registrations of motor vehicles February 2015115Yes
2015-03-10Consumer price index and net retail price index February 2015116Yes
2015-03-11Statistics of external trade with goods January 2015117Yes
2015-03-11Balance of payments January 2015118Yes
2015-03-11Municipalities and regions preliminary accounts 2014 No
2015-03-11Job Vacancy Statistics 4 quarter 2014 Yes
2015-03-13Public employment statistics 4 quarter 2014 No
2015-03-13Employees statistics (quarterly - revised) 4 quarter 2014 No
2015-03-13Working time account (quarterly) 4 quarter 2014 Yes


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