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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2014-11-03Business Services 2013549Yes
2014-11-03Accounts for public administration and service 2013 (November-version)550Yes
2014-11-03From vocational education to labour market 2012551Yes
2014-11-04Consumer credit 3 quarter 2014552Yes
2014-11-04Financial assets and liabilities of regions 3 quarter 2014553Yes
2014-11-04Financial assets and liabilities of municipalities 3 quarter 2014554Yes
2014-11-05Sales of real property, monthly August 2014555Yes
2014-11-05Building construction 3 quarter 2014556Yes
2014-11-05Sales of real property (yearly) 2013557Yes
2014-11-05Construction cost indices for civil engineering projects 3 quarter 2014558Yes
2014-11-05Cost indices for refuse collection and slurry pump 3 quarter 2014559Yes
2014-11-06Forced sales of real property October 2014560Yes
2014-11-06Bankruptcies October 2014561Yes
2014-11-06Financial accounts 2013 (November-version)562Yes
2014-11-06Fixed capital stock 2014563Yes
2014-11-06National accounts (yearly) 2013 November-version564Yes
2014-11-07Music 2013565Yes
2014-11-07Nights spent in hotels, holiday resorts, camping sites and youth hostels etc. September 2014566Yes
2014-11-07Holiday dwellings rented through Danish agents September 2014567Yes
2014-11-07Sport and leisure 2013568Yes
2014-11-07Pigs 1 October 2014569Yes
2014-11-10Consumer price index and net retail price index October 2014570Yes
2014-11-10Statistics of external trade with goods September 2014571Yes
2014-11-10Balance of payments September 2014572Yes
2014-11-10Industrial production and turnover September 2014573Yes
2014-11-10International trade in services 3 quarter 2014574Yes
2014-11-11Changes in population 3 quarter 2014575Yes
2014-11-11New registrations of motor vehicles October 2014576Yes
2014-11-11Immigration and emigration 1 October 2014577Yes
2014-11-12Purchases and sales by firms September 2014 Yes
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