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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2014-08-25Stock changes in the manufacturing and wholesale trade 2 quarter 2014430Yes
2014-08-26Indicators for welfare 2013431Yes
2014-08-26Transport by Railway (yearly) 2013432Yes
2014-08-27Employees statistics (quarterly) 2 quarter 2014433Yes
2014-08-28Unemployment (monthly) July 2014434Yes
2014-08-28Tendency survey, Construction industry August 2014435Yes
2014-08-28Tendency survey for manufacturing industries August 2014436Yes
2014-08-28Tendency survey, Services August 2014437Yes
2014-08-28Tendency survey, Retail trade August 2014438Yes
2014-08-29National accounts (quarterly) 2 quarter 2014439Yes
2014-08-29Index of Average Earnings in Corporations and Organizations 2 quarter 2014440Yes
2014-08-29Scheduled releases of News from Statistics Denmark week 36441Yes
2014-09-01The activity of finance companies 2013442Yes
2014-09-01Manufacturers' sales 2 quarter 2014443Yes
2014-09-02ICT usage in enterprises 2014444Yes
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