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Scheduled Releases

See when releases are scheduled below. All releases are available online at 9 a.m. on the date of release.

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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2015-04-21Work stoppages 2014188Yes
2015-04-21Innovation in the public sector 2014189Yes
2015-04-22Consumer expectations April 2015190Yes
2015-04-22Index of retail sales March 2015191Yes
2015-04-22Labour force survey, European 4 quarter 2014192Yes
2015-04-22EU harmonized consumer price index March 2015193Yes
2015-04-22Investment expectations in the manufacturing industry March 2015194Yes
2015-04-23Turnover of organic products in retail shops 2014195Yes
2015-04-23Holiday dwellings rented through Danish agents (yearly) 2014196Yes
2015-04-23Livestock of cattle 31 March 2015197Yes
2015-04-24Statistics of migrations in the Øresund Region 2014198Yes
2015-04-27Child benefit and family allowance 2014199Yes
2015-04-28Employees statistics (monthly) February 2015200Yes
2015-04-28Home appliances 2015201Yes
2015-04-28Register - based labour force statistics November 2013 No
2015-04-28Completion of educations at upper secondary level 2013/2014 Yes
2015-04-29Tendency survey, Construction industry April 2015 Yes
2015-04-29Tendency survey, Services April 2015 Yes
2015-04-29Tendency survey, Retail trade April 2015 Yes
2015-04-29Tendency survey for manufacturing industries April 2015 Yes
2015-04-29Sales of real property, monthly February 2015 No

Nordic statistics

Nordic Statistical Yearbook tells about life in the Nordic countries. Also try the nordic database.