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Scheduled Releases

See when releases are scheduled below. All releases are available online at 9 a.m. on the date of release.

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DateTitle Number Confirmed
15-02-2016Prodcer and import price index for commodity January 201670Yes
16-02-2016Life expectancy 2014/201571Yes
16-02-2016Official prices of barley and wheat 201572Yes
17-02-2016Asylum applicants and residence permits 201573Yes
17-02-2016Labour force survey (quarterly) 4 quarter 201574Yes
18-02-2016Households and families 1 January 201675Yes
18-02-2016Labour force survey (yearly) 201576Yes
19-02-2016Consumer expectations February 201677Yes
19-02-2016Air transport 4 quarter 201578Yes
22-02-2016Index of retail sales January 201679Yes
22-02-2016Employees statistics (monthly) December 201580Yes
22-02-2016Fertility 201581Yes
24-02-2016Crime (yearly) 201582Yes
24-02-2016Animal production (quarterly) 4 quarter 2015 No
24-02-2016Agricultural Price Statistics (quarterly) 4 quarter 2015 No
24-02-2016Stock changes in the manufacturing and wholesale trade 4 quarter 2015 No
25-02-2016Population in parishes 1 January 2016 Yes


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