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Scheduled Releases

See when releases are scheduled below. All releases are available online at 9 a.m. on the date of release.

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DateTitle Number Confirmed
02-07-2015Job Vacancy Statistics, European 1 quarter 2015342Yes
03-07-2015Leisure and business trips 2014343Yes
03-07-2015Sales of alcohol and tobacco 2014344Yes
03-07-2015Public libraries 2014345Yes
06-07-2015Forced sales of real property June 2015346Yes
06-07-2015Bankruptcies June 2015347Yes
07-07-2015Construction employment 2 quarter 2015348Yes
07-07-2015Industrial production and turnover May 2015349Yes
08-07-2015Nights spent in hotels, holiday resorts, camping sites and youth hostels etc. May 2015350Yes
08-07-2015New registrations of motor vehicles June 2015351Yes
08-07-2015Holiday dwellings rented through Danish agents May 2015352Yes
09-07-2015Statistics of external trade with goods May 2015353Yes
09-07-2015Balance of payments May 2015354Yes
10-07-2015Consumer price index and net retail price index June 2015355Yes
10-07-2015Purchases and sales by firms May 2015356Yes


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