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Scheduled Releases

See when releases are scheduled below. All releases are available online at 9 a.m. on the date of release.

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DateTitle Number Confirmed
30-11-2015Unemployment (monthly) October 2015570Yes
30-11-2015Quarterly national accounts 3 quarter 2015571Yes
30-11-2015Agricultural Price Statistics (quarterly) 3 quarter 2015572Yes
30-11-2015External economy of Denmark 2014573Yes
30-11-2015Animal production (quarterly) 3 quarter 2015574Yes
01-12-2015Manufacturers' sales 3 quarter 2015575Yes
01-12-2015Environmental goods and services (supplement) 2014576Yes
02-12-2015Sales of real property, monthly September 2015577Yes
02-12-2015Income tax for persons 2014578Yes
03-12-2015Labour force survey (theme) 3 quarter 2015579Yes
03-12-2015Economics of agricultural activities 2014580Yes
04-12-2015Forced sales of real property November 2015581Yes
04-12-2015Bankruptcies November 2015582Yes
04-12-2015Construction cost index for residential buildings 3 quarter 2015583Yes
07-12-2015External trade in organic products 2014584Yes
07-12-2015Industrial production and turnover October 2015585Yes
07-12-2015Social welfare expenditure 2014586Yes
08-12-2015Entrance and departure from education groups 2013:2014 No
08-12-2015Job Vacancy Statistics 3 quarter 2015 Yes
08-12-2015Cultural business structure and labour market 2013 No
08-12-2015New registrations of motor vehicles November 2015 Yes
09-12-2015Holiday dwellings rented through Danish agents October 2015 Yes
09-12-2015Balance of payments October 2015 Yes
09-12-2015Statistics of external trade with goods October 2015 Yes
09-12-2015Nights spent in hotels, holiday resorts, camping sites and youth hostels etc. October 2015 Yes

Nordic statistics

Nordic Statistical Yearbook tells about life in the Nordic countries. Also try the nordic database.