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Scheduled Releases

See when releases are scheduled below. All releases are available online at 9 a.m. on the date of release.

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DateTitle Number Confirmed
2015-05-26Class sizes in primary schools 2014252Yes
2015-05-26Stock changes in the manufacturing and wholesale trade 1 quarter 2015253Yes
2015-05-26Participants by adult and supplementary education - AMU 2014254Yes
2015-05-27Families with children 1 January 2015255Yes
2015-05-27Participants by adult and supplementary education, 2014256Yes
2015-05-27Shipping (yearly) 2014257Yes
2015-05-28Employees statistics (monthly) March 2015258Yes
2015-05-28Tendency survey, Construction industry May 2015259Yes
2015-05-28Tendency survey for manufacturing industries May 2015260Yes
2015-05-28Tendency survey, Services May 2015261Yes
2015-05-28Tendency survey, Retail trade May 2015262Yes
2015-05-29National accounts (quarterly) 1 quarter 2014263Yes
2015-05-29Employment in businesses 2013 Yes
2015-05-29Indices of average earnings 1 quarter 2015 Yes
2015-05-29Membership of employees trade unions 1 January 2015 Yes
2015-05-29Unemployment (monthly) April 2015 Yes
2015-06-01Expenditure and revenue of the general government sector on the environment 2013 Yes
2015-06-01From vocational education to labour market 2013 No
2015-06-01Gross factor income of agriculture 2014 Yes
2015-06-01Manufacturers' sales 1 quarter 2015 Yes
2015-06-02Agricultural Price Statistics (quarterly) 1 quarter 2015 Yes
2015-06-02Accounts for public administration and service 2014 (June-version) Yes
2015-06-02Animal production (quarterly) 1 quarter 2015 Yes
2015-06-03Visit to a doctor etc. 2014 No
2015-06-03Statistics of earnings (aincome) 2014 No
2015-06-03Sales of real property, monthly March 2015 Yes


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