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Scheduled Releases

See when releases are scheduled below. All releases are available online at 9 a.m. on the date of release.

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DateTitle Number Confirmed
29-07-2015Employees statistics (monthly) May 2015366Yes
29-07-2015Index of retail sales June 2015367Yes
30-07-2015Unemployment (monthly) June 2015368Yes
30-07-2015Tendency survey, Construction industry July 2015369Yes
30-07-2015Tendency survey for manufacturing industries July 2015370Yes
30-07-2015Tendency survey, Services July 2015371Yes
30-07-2015Tendency survey, Retail trade July 2015372Yes
04-08-2015Consumer credit 2 quarter 2015373Yes
04-08-2015Financial assets and liabilities of the municipalities and regions 2 quarter 2015374Yes
05-08-2015Sales of real property, monthly May 2015 Yes
05-08-2015Labour force survey, European 1 quarter 2015 Yes
06-08-2015Bankruptcies July 2015 No
06-08-2015Building construction 2 quarter 2015 Yes
06-08-2015Cost indices for refuse collection and slurry pump 2 quarter 2015 No
06-08-2015Forced sales of real property July 2015 No
06-08-2015Construction cost indices for civil engineering projects 2 quarter 2015 No
07-08-2015Pigs 1 jui 2015 Yes
07-08-2015New registrations of motor vehicles July 2015 Yes


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