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The Data Bank of the Macroeconomic Model ADAM

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Economic Modelling
Michael Osterwald-Lenum

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The Data Bank of the Macroeconomic Model ADAM

The purpose of the data bank is, through a set of long and coherent time series, to give a detailed and consistent basis for a description of the Danish economy. The data bank has been developed in the process of constructing the "Annual Danish Aggregate Model", ADAM, used by the government, but it can be used in general as a comprehensive and consistent annual data bank of the Danish economy.

Statistical presentation

The ADAM data bank contains a comprehensive, coherent, and comparatively detailed set of key economic indicators for Denmark. The bank contains more than 3,000 indicators on an annual basis, extending back to 1966 (major series to 1947). The time series are consistent and are adjusted for any data breaks in series, since they have been constructed for purposes of estimation and modelling. The data bank covers, in particular, national accounts, government finance statistics, capital stocks, labour market, and financial data. Series such as production, employment, earnings, other income, taxes, intermediate consumption etc. are available for 12 branches of production; foreign trade for 7-10 groups (extended 1-digit SITC); consumption is available for 9 groups. As a main rule, such series are given at current prices as well as by means of chainlinked-quantity indices, 2005 prices.

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Accuracy and reliability

The number of variables in the data bank make a complete table of sources of inaccuracy impractical. Users are referred to the source data, which variable by variable should be available from the so called equation browser (Danish descriptive text).

There are no available figures of measures of accuracy.

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Accessibility and clarity

New and revised data banks are distributed by e-mail.

The data bank is supplied with documentation in PC-Axis format; other formats such as SAS, AREMOS or spreadsheets can be provided.

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